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Enjoy Your Yard Again With Effective Mosquito Control

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Your backyard is virtual paradise- beautifully landscaped, comfortable furniture and more. The only problem is those pesky critters that get into everything and turn relaxation time into bug swatting aerobics. That’s where the Mosquito Squad can help with the best mosquito control in Suwanee!

Far too often, our first line of defense is to grab some bug spray and hose ourselves down. We spray our kids, the spouse or anyone else within spray shot to avoid being a mosquito magnet. But, wait. What exactly is in those bug repellents? And, who wants to smell like that stuff anyway? That’s where our natural mosquito repellent can help. It’s time we spray the yard instead of ourselves.

Mosquito Control That Works

When it comes to effective mosquito control, our belief is that you should spray the source instead of yourself. Since the bugs live in your yard, the Mosquito Squad will come to your house, business or event and provide a safe, effective perimeter spray that kills 80% of mosquitos, ticks, fleas and many other bugs within that area.

We provide the latest in bug killing technology for residents in Suwanee and the surrounding areas. We use an EPA registered and approved mosquito yard spray that keeps pests away for roughly 21 days. It’s a natural mosquito repellent that comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

A More Permanent Solution To Mosquito Control

Having the Mosquito Squad over to spray your yard once a month is an effective way to maintain effective mosquito control, but if you’d like a more permanent solution, we can install a mosquito spray misting system in your yard. Our misting system puts a remote in your hand that controls misting stations around your yard. You can program the misting system to spray all natural mosquito repellent at certain intervals or simply spray whenever you like. Our system can be a “set it and forget it” mosquito control system that lets you enjoy your yard to the fullest. Spray your pests- not your guests!

Good Friends, BBQ & Zika Virus

There’s nothing like having friends or family over for a good cookout, but who invited the flies and other critters? Every year, the dangers and diseases that mosquitoes bring seems to increase. Remember when all we had to worry about was West Nile? Now, Zika virus has everyone afraid to be in their backyard. We say fight the bite! Stop living in fear and enjoy your yard again. You work hard on your yard. Enjoy it like you should. Don’t let the bugs hold you hostage indoors. Let the Mosquito Squad fight the bite.

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