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Natural Mosquito Repellent In Johns Creek!

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Controlling mosquitoes and other pesky bugs should be a task better left to professionals. Mosquito Squad offers top-of-the-line services that will help you take back your yard. Whether you live in John’s Creek or the surrounding areas of Atlanta our technicians are equipped to solve your problem with the latest in Natural Mosquito Repellent. We provide a complete mosquito control program that includes coming to your home, business or event and providing a secure and effective barrier spray. The annoying mosquitoes are killed on contact. Spraying your yard throughout the summer keeps irritating pests away.

Mosquito Misting System

Mosquito Squad offers a mosquito spray misting system that gives you the ultimate command over those biting pests around your patio, playground, barbeque pit or gazebo. The misting systems are permanently installed and eliminate 95% of all those nasty pests like mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and flies.

Preventive Measures

There are always preventive measures that can be taken on your part to reduce the mosquitos. Clear clogged gutters, regularly empty and clean birdbaths, drain backyard ponds consistently as well as set up a pump to provide regular circulation.

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Get rid of mosquitoes and other flying pests with our routine mosquito spray barrier. We’ll set up a program where we schedule visits (unlike the critters we’re protecting you against!). We’ll make it safe to enjoy the yard again with fear of getting mauled by bugs. Our mosquito yard spray and misting system provides the most effective solution for treating all swarming, biting pests that we see in the South.

Advantages Of Natural Pest Control

Our all-natural mosquito treatment is applied to the areas of your lawn that mosquitoes are known to hideout and feed. It is made up of essential oils and has a minimal scent that passes after a few hours of application.

Since this all-natural pest control breaks down at a more rapid rate it needs to be applied every 14 days for continuous protection (as opposed to the 21-day cycle of our Barrier Protection Spray)

This natural mosquito repellent is not quite as effective as conventional pest control products. However, depending on your property and needs, it may be perfect for you. Of course, our service is guaranteed if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll make it right with another spray promptly.

Spray Your Yard- Not Your Guests!

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